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Will I be seeing the same therapist each therapy visit?

We are confident that ALL of our therapists are skilled and certified in CDT/MLD treatment and will provide you with the highest quality of care each visit you are here. If you are having a problem or have any comments regarding your therapy please bring your concerns to the office manager’s attention so that we may be able to resolve your concerns in a timely manner.

Will I be able to drive while in therapy ?

Whether it is your arm or your legs that are bandaged it is up to your discretion if you feel comfortable and safe to drive while being bandaged. Make sure to wear shoes that fit you and are secured well and not falling off.

Can I shower while I am in therapy?

Of course you can still take a shower while you are coming for therapy and being bandaged, however, you will need to keep the bandages dry! We have available for purchase a device called an Aquashield-(cast protector) which will cover your bandages well and keep you dry while you shower. Some people choose to sponge bathe while in treatment.

Will the CDT therapy hurt?

Most patients have NO pain while going through our therapy. The MLD therapy is a very light touch and a very relaxing massage. The bandaging does NOT hurt, however, when they are first applied they will and should feel snug. After doing the required exercises the bandages stretch out and you will be more comfortable. Therefore, it is crucial that you do your exercises daily, especially right after you have been bandaged. Also, it is crucial that you drink plenty of water and limit your sodium intake to 2000 mgs per day.

Will I be cured of my swelling after I do this therapy?

We are confident that with the education you receive here you will be well informed about your swelling condition. We do not CURE you, but we do get your swelling down and teach you what you need to do for yourself at home to keep the swelling under control. With proper education and maintenance you will keep the swelling down long term and be healthier in the long run! Many patients choose to come in for a maintenance treatment monthly.

Is Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) different than regular massage?

MLD is very different from regular massage because it is a very light skin touch technique. MLD is a very slow, light and rhythmic stretching of the skin in circular movements with a stretching and relaxation phase. 

Do I have to come everyday?

Depending on the severity of the Lymphedema condition, some patients do come daily. Once the patient progresses, treatment is reduced to 3 times a week until goals are met. Every patients situation varies.

Can I have other therapy at the same time?

MLD does not interfere with any other therapies. Be sure to check with your insurance company to make sure they will cover more than one therapy at a time. We cannot simultaneously treat a patient receiving home health care through Medicare.

Will I be able to put the compression garments on?

You will be able to apply your garments independently. Your therapist will provide you with the proper techniques and devices to help you apply your garments.

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